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If you wish to put together your own collection of spring flowering bulbs then the following table may be help to guide you to select the number or proportion of bulbs of each type and variety to use.

Collection of early spring flowering bulbs. 10 Tulip Greigii 'Red Riding Hood'
5 Daffodil Cyclamineus 'Jack Snipe'
5 Daffodil Cyclamineus 'Jetfire'
15 Crocus Large Flowering Dutch 'Jeanne d'Arc'
Early purple flowering collection 15 Iris reticulata Dwarf
10 Bluebells English
15 Crocus Large-Flowering Dutch Pickwick
10 Tulip Wild 'Lilac Wonder'
15 Hyacinth (latifolium Grape)
15 Crocus Spring Flowering 'Barr's Purple'
15 Crocus Spring Flowering Whitewell Purple
Brilliant colours - just right to show off in a front bed or border.
A winning combination.
10 Tulip Single Late 'Big Smile'
10 Tulip Single Late 'Kingsblood'
Balanced combination of daffodils and tulips. 15 Daffodil Trumpet 'Dutch Master'
15 Daffodil Long-cupped 'Fortissimo'
15 Daffodil Double 'Yellow Cheerfulness'
20 Tulip Single Late 'Queen of Night'
20 Tulip Double Late 'May Wonder'
20 Tulip Double Late 'Upstar'
Bulbs that will thrive in unpredictable weather. 20 Tulip Single Early 'Apricot Beauty'
20 Tulip Greigii 'Red Riding Hood'
35 Daffodil Trumpet 'Dutch Master'
20 Tulip Darwin 'Apeldoorn'
45 Crocus Spring Flowering Snow 'Advance'
Selected varieties that will thrive in the heat. 20 Tulip Greigii 'Oratorio'
10 Daffodil Trumpet 'Mount Hood'
10 Daffodil Long-cupped 'Carlton'
20 Tulip Lily-flowered 'West Point'
30 Squill Siberian 'Spring Beauty'
20 Tulip Darwin 'Ollioules'
Collection of bulbs that flower in succession. 5 Daffodil Long-cupped 'Ice Follies'
15 Snowdrop Garden
5 Daffodil Cyclamineus 'Jetfire'
10 Tulip Wild 'Lilac Wonder'
15 Allium Naples Ornamental
10 Tulip Lily-flowered Mix
15 Allium Ornamental Flowering
Bulbs to interplant along a long border or driveway. 60 Tulip Greigii 'Red Riding Hood'
90 Hyacinth Grape 'Blue Spike'
25 Daffodil Cyclamineus 'Jack Snipe'
25 Daffodil Cyclamineus 'Jenny'
75 Anemone 'White Splendor'
Dutch spring-flowering bulbs. 10 Tulip Greigii 'Red Riding Hood'
5 Daffodil Trumpet 'Dutch Master'
10 Tulip Darwin 'Apeldoorn'
10 Tulip Darwin 'Golden Apeldoorn'
5 Daffodil Cyclamineus 'February Gold'
Duet that will bloom brightly even when it is cloudy. 10 Daffodil ADS Miniature Miscellaneous 'Tete a tete'
10 Tulip Multiflowered 'Toronto'
Cottage Bulb Garden 30 Tulip Waterlily
35 Daffodil Short-cupped 'Barret Browning'
30 Glory of the Snow
30 Tulip Fringed 'Maja'
Dutch Iris Bulb Collection
Ideal spring bulbs to plant under a tree or in a rock garden. They thrive in a neutral to alkaline soil with good drainage. Also perfect for pots and window boxes!
12.5 cm or 5 inches tall.
15 Iris Dutch 'Purple Sensation'
15 Iris Dutch 'Symphony'
15 Iris Dutch 'White Van Vliet'


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