Goldfinch on Lavender plant.

The photograph was taken in November from my lounge of a Golfinch pecking off seeds of my Lavender plants growing in my Raised bed next to the Patio. As you can see in the picture the Lavender plant has wonderful soft spikey silver blue-green leaves wih violet blue flowers.
During spring and aummer Bees hover around the plant collecting nectar from the flowers to take to their hive. Ladybirds also faviour the plant and one can be seen between the leaf and stem on the left side of the photo. On the oposite side of the Photo there is a stem with a late flower.
When dried the lavendar flowers keep their colour, making them excellent for crafts such as flower arranging and decorations.

(c) Written and Photographed by B V & T M Wood.   All rights reserved.   Disclaimer