Glossary of Common Medical Terms

Summary of Key Terms

 Abscess - a tender collection of pus usually caused by an infection.
 Bacteria - microbes that have organisms with a small simple cell structure.
 Biopsy - a small sample of tissue taken for tests.
 Contusion - a bruise.
 Defibrillator - a medical device that uses electric shocks to restore normal heartbeat.
 Edema - a swelling caused by an accumulation of fluid.
 Embolism - a blocked artery usually caused by a blood clot or air bubble.
 Epidermis - the outer layer of the skin.
 Intravenous - medication or fluid given via the vien.
 Prognosos - forecast of the likely result of treatment or how a disease will develop.
 Malignant - indicates the presence of cancerous cells.
 Zoonotic - a disease that can spread from animals to humans.

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