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Coriander Seeds - Lemon
Lemon fragrance and flavour, delicious as a garnish in salads, or in stir-fries. Easy to grow over a long season, even in a pot on the windowsill. Sow March-September. HA - Hardy annual.
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Coriander Seeds
The seeds have a pleasant taste and are used in pickles, sauces, confectionery, poultry stuffing and apple pie. In herbalism used to settle stomach ailments. Hardy annual. Height 60-75cm (2-2').
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Coriander Seeds - Confetti
An improved tasty, slow to bolt herb which can be grown as a cut-&-come-again leaf salad or a mature plant. Sow monthly for a continuous supply; crop into the winter with cloche protection. HA - Hardy annual.Simon says: Not as strong or pungent as ordinary coriander, so you can use more. Mix through leaf salads to give them a boost.
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Herb (Organic) Seeds - Coriander Cilantro
A special selection for leaf production. Used mainly in salads or in Indian and Chinese dishes. Broadcast thinly and cut when 15cm high. May be cut several times. Best sown in spring and early summer. Will eventually run to seed.
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