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The Empty Cradle
To the outside world, Charlotte is the privileged daughter of the local vicar. Behind closed doors, however, she is the prisoner of her controlling father. As she grows up, Charlotte longs for freedom, but her captivating innocence leads her into trouble. Sent to Ireland to hide a shameful pregnancy, she discovers that once again her father has ...
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SumUp Air Charging Cradle
FeaturesPractical - Never run out of battery Faster transactions directly from your countertopCustomer friendly - Highlights that your business accepts card payments Makes it easy to accept every payment types (contacless, chip, or mobile)Quality - Sleek design with a matte white finish Anti-slip rubber at the baseIncluded in the package: SumUp Air ...
19.98 GBP    
Status In Car Wireless Charging Cradle
FeaturesIn-car wireless phone charging cradleWirelessly charge your mobile phone as you driveFits onto you car's air ventAuto-clampingConnects by USB charging leadWirelessly charge your mobile phone on the move with the Status In Car Wireless Charging Cradle. This device fits onto you car's air vent, ready for you to simply clamp your phone in and ...
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