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Harry And The Dinosaurs Make A Christmas Wish
Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs see some ducklings hatching and wish they could have one of their own. But it's the wrong time for wishing so they wait until Christmas when Harry makes a special list for Santa. Christmas Day finally arrives and there is a surprise for everyone - it isn't a duckling but a gorgeous baby pterodactyl! Pr ...
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Natural History Museum Dinosaurs Annual 2022
Discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs in this fun-packed NHM annual! Take a trip back in time and meet the prehistoric rulers of the planet. These mighty beasts roamed the Earth over 65 million years ago and left behind countless clues to their world. Learn about all the latest discoveries with the Natural History Museum, a leading centre ...
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Dinosaur Activity Book: Blue
The Dinosaur Activity Book- Blue is packed with Dinosaur colouring fun, activities and puzzles.  Learn strange but true facts and some great dinosaur Jokes!  A must for all Dinosaur Fans. Product Information: • ISBN: 9780857264664 • Author: Alligator Books • Publisher: Alligator Books • Format: Paperback • Pages: 34 • D ...
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Dinosaur Activity Book: Red
The Dinosaur Activity Book- Red is packed with Dinosaur colouring fun, activities and puzzles.  Learn strange but true facts and some great dinosaur Jokes!  A must for all Dinosaur Fans. Product Information: • ISBN: 9780857264671 • Author: Alligator Books • Publisher: Alligator Books • Format: Paperback • Pages: 34 • Di ...
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Dinosaurs Vs Humans
Everyone knows that Dinosaurs and Humans can't play together . . . Or can they? Dexter the dinosaur and Pearl the cavegirl are the very best of friends. There's just one problem . . . Dinosaurs and Humans are NOT allowed to play together! No one remembers why. That's just the way it's always been. But, when disaster strikes, can Dinosaurs and ...
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Where's The Dinosaur Poo?
The dinosaur poos are causing havoc! From rainforests to supermarkets, pirate ships to football matches, they're having a roar-some time. Can you spot each of the poos in every scene, plus ten bonus items to find on every spread! Perfect for dinosaur fans, Where's the Dinosaur Poo? offers readers of Where's Wally?, Where's the Wookiee? and Wh ...
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Dinosaur Infosaurus: Killer Dinosaurs
Take a journey to the prehistoric age with this fascinating book exploring all the facts and figures there is to know about these beastly creatures. From the Velociraptor to the T-Rex, this book will uncover all kinds of fascinating facts from what they ate to some of their special features. Paired with extraordinary artwork, this will give you ...
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Dinosaur Infosaurus: Gigantic Dinosaurs
Take a journey to the prehistoric age with this fascinating book exploring all the facts and figures there is to know about the world of plant-eating dinosaurs. From the Diplodocus to the Stegosaurus, this book will uncover all kinds of fascinating facts from what they ate to some of their special features. Paired with extraordinary artwork, thi ...
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Dinosaur Infosaurus: The Age Of Dinosaurs
Go back in time and explore the age of when dinosaurs ruled the world. Filled with fun facts and lots of extraordinary artworks, you'll learn of how the Coelophysis and the Velocirapto lived and survived during these pre-historic ages. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781526313300 • Author: Katie Woolley• Publisher: Wayland• Format: Hard ...
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My Dinosaur Activity Book
My Dinosaur Activity Book is bursting with fun, colourful and fact-filled activities for kids who are wild about dinosaurs. There are dot-to-dot challenges, search-and-find prehistoric scenes, number puzzles, mazes, logic games and so much more that will keep young minds busy from first page to last. Each activity is accompanied by roar-some ...
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Where's The Dinosaur?
Where's the Dinosaur? is full of rex-cellent facts about the colossal prehistoric animals that populated the Earth millions of years ago...   With dinosaurs and other creatures to search for and find in colourful search scenes.    With bright, humorous cartoon illustrations from James Cottell and fascinating facts from dinosaur expert Dougal ...
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Colour Me: Dinosaurs
Colour Me: Dinosaurs features everyone's favourite ROAR-some dinosaurs to colour in and enjoy. Come face to face with the terrific Tyrannosaurus, the stomping Stegosaurus, the colossal Diplodocus and many, many more. Also featured are prehistoric insects, mammals and fish, all which appear in order of when they lived. Product Informat ...
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Lego Jurassic World: 1001 Stickers Amazing Dinosaurs
This action-packed sticker book takes readers on the ultimate dinosaur adventure through the incredible LEGO Jurassic World park.  Readers are faced with different exhilarating scenarios throughout the book. Assignments include helping to track down a dinosaur on the run, identifying a lost raptor and even witnessing a dragon baby hatching from ...
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Mega Colouring Dinosaurs
Grab your colouring pencils and get ready to bring to life lots of pre-historic illustrations with this fabulous Mega Colouring Dinosaurs book! With over 90 roar-some pictures to colour, this colouring activity book is the perfect companion for getting creative and using your imagination. Product Information: • ISBN: 9781787724136 • Aut ...
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Dragons, Dinosaurs, Robots And More: Kaleidoscope Colouring
It's time to get creative with this fantastic Dragons, Dinosaurs, Robots and More Kaleidoscope Colouring Set! Use the colouring pencils and images to create something special! Product Information: • ISBN: 9781787729988 • Author: Hinkler Books • Publisher: Hinkler Books • Format: Box Set  
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Dinosaur Colouring Fun: 3 Awesome Books
Have a rawr-some time colouring in all sorts of crazy Dinosaurs in this fantastic Colouring Fun Activity Pack! Over 100 pages to colour and 4 colouring pencils! Product Information: ISBN: 9781788100236 Author: Bonnier Books Publisher: Bonnier Books Format: Paperback - Book Collection  
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Are You Taller Than A Dinosaur?
Are you taller than a pterodactyl? What about a velociraptor? Or a scelidosaurus?  Track your height with the stickers and discover awesome dinosaur facts as you grow. Product Information: ISBN: 9781789051742 Author: Igloo Books Ltd Publisher: Igloo Books Ltd Format: Hardback Pages: 12 Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 1.5cm  
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Dinosaurs Cut Out Board Book
This cut out board book is perfect for curious children who like to explore books with their hands! Turn the pages to find new dinosaurs, from the roar-some T-Rex to the terrific Triceratops. Simple facts are reinforced with fun activities, encouraging children to engage with story time. The carry-me handle is perfect for taking the book with yo ...
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Dinosaur Mega Glider Activity Kit
Take to the skies and assemble your very own giant dinosaur glider!  With over 50 stickers and lots of exciting activities, this box is packed with hours of dino-tastic fun! Product Information: • ISBN: 9781800227064 • Author: Igloo Books • Publisher: Igloo Books • Format: Paperback • Pages: 24 • Dimensions: 28 x 22.8 x 4 c ...
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I’M A Reader: I Saw A Dinosaur
How do dinosaurs really spend their time? Find out in this book, perfect for beginner readers. Simple words and engaging images help build children's reading confidence and enjoyment. The explorer is going back in time. Read all about her dinosaur adventure. Simple words and engaging images help build children's reading confidence and enjoyment. ...
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The Very Noisy Dinosaur Sound Book
Dinosaurs are very much on trend so now is the time to stock The Very Noisy Dinosaur! The perfect interactive sound book for little dino fans! Product Information: ISBN: 9781839034961 Author: Hinkler Books Publisher: Hinkler Books Format: Paperback Pages: 10
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Secret Agent Jack Stalwart: Escape Of The Deadly Dinosaur
In The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur, Jack zooms to the city that never sleeps to try to solve the mystery of the missing Allosaurus toe.  Starting at the Natural History Museum, Jack's detection takes him to a competitive grade-schooler determined to win the science fair with his experiment crossing his own dog with the DNA from the bone of a ...
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The World Of Dinosaurs Annual 2022
Travel through time to the wonderful world of dinosaurs in this new 2022 Edition.  Delve into the prehistoric world as you find out all about the biggest, most ferocious creatures ever to roam the Earth. Bursting with fierce facts, roar-some activities and prehistoric puzzles, there’s plenty of fun to sink your teeth into. Product Informat ...
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Lets Learn With Dinosaurs
Fun learning for young children! This book helps young readers to learn simple ABC and 123 concepts and to practise pen control and hand-eye coordination by tracing over dotted guides and words. There are also simple puzzles and games to add to the fun. Encourage your child to say out loud any words. The pages are made to be used again by cleaning ...
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Trace And Learn Dinosaur Handwriting Practice
Help your child to develop handwriting skills! This book helps your child to practise their upper and lower case handwriting skills and to learn the letters of the alphabet. The A-Z dinosaur pictures are designed to help children remember their alphabet and to motivate beginning readers. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781912953639• Author: Elizab ...
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18 Inch Dinosaur Helium Balloon
Add the ultimate finishing touch to your party and other special events with these amazing foil helium balloons. This giant balloon is ideal for birthdays! Features: • Material: Foil • Shape: Round • Arrives uninflated Will My Helium Balloon Arrive Inflated? Your balloon will arrive uninflated and in a sealed packet, so you can c ...
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Dinosaur In Space Collapsible Storage Box
Keep your rooms tidy with this gorgeous Dinosaur in Space design Collapsible Storage Box. With a large volume and strong and durable design, it snaps together in seconds with metal press studs. This great storage box includes plastic handle holes for portability and folds flat when not in use for compact storage. Product Information: • ...
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Nebulus Dinosaur 2 Wheel Scooter
Ride in style with this fantastic two-wheel Nebulus Dinosaur Scooter! This excellent little scooter has an easy fold down mechanism, making it convenient for practical storage and transport. With a vivid green colour and dinosaur themed design, this scooter is the perfect companion for lots of outdoor fun! Product Information: • Two-Whe ...
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Dinosaur Squeeze Egg - Assorted
Squeeze the Dinosaur Egg and watch as it pops out amazingly bright slime with a hidden surprise inside, perfect for all dinosaur lovers. The perfect little squeezey toy for those who love dinosaurs and it also makes for a great stress relief toy too. Product Information:• Dinosaur Egg• Squeeze toy• Hidden surprise inside• Assorted designs ...
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Jurassic Era Grow Your Own Dinosaur Egg
Hatch your own Jurassic companion with this amazing Grow Your Own Dinosaur Egg! Simply put the egg into a container of cool water and wait for the egg to break! The egg will crack slowly over 24-48 hours and a roar-some Dinosaur will hatch out. The perfect gift for any little dinosaur lover! Product Information: • Grow Your Own Dinosaur ...
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Assorted Dinosaur Figure: Pack Of 2
Playful, yet realistic Dinosaur characters. Travel back in time millions of years- to the age of the Dinosaurs! Great fun for any of little fan of these amazing animals. Product Information: • Dinosaur Figure • Dino World • Age: 3+ • Measures: 17.5 x 15.0 x 3.5 cm Please note: Colours and designs may vary, only one supplied. ...
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Dinosaur Teepee Tent
Let your little one’s imagination run wild with this Dinosaur Teepee Tent – the perfect addition to playtime! This gorgeously designed Teepee features a multi-coloured dinosaur theme as well as tie back doors, giving your child the option for open play space or privacy to hideaway. Perfect for indoors on a rainy day or outdoors to prote ...
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Dinosaur Stampers - 10 Pack
Create amazing themed arts & crafts with this wonderful set of 10 Unicorn stampers. These vibrant stampers are perfect for your little ones creating raw-some crafts. Product Information:• Stampers• 10 pack• Designs: Dinosaurs• Assorted• Brand: Make & Create
2.00 GBP    
Dinosaur Sketchpad: Rex The Astrosaurus!
Let your little one's imagination run wild with this Roarsome Dinosaur sketchpad! The pad features 40 tear-out plain pages inside, allowing creations and doodles to be showcased all around the home. Great for getting children to be creative! Includes: • 40 x plain paper sheets • 1 x sticker sheet • 6 x felt tip pens Product Inform ...
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Dinosaur Pencil And Eraser Set
Keep your stationery collection looking super adorable with this amazing Pencil and Eraser Set. This great value pencil set includes 8 of adorable, brightly coloured eraser toppers and 8 high quality pencils. Perfect for adding extra cuteness to your stationery collection, these pencils are ideal for use at home or school. Product Informat ...
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Dinosaur Christmas Cards: Pack Of 20
Send gorgeous Christmas wishes to friends and family these beautiful cards! A stunning high quality box of 20 cards featuring gorgeous Dinosaur Christmas themed designs. Send your loved ones a seasonal "Happy Christmas" message - included inside.  Product Information: • Winterworks Christmas Cards • Design: Dinosaur Christ ...
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A5 Flexi Dinosaur Notebook
Keep all your notes in one place with this gorgeous A5 notebook featuring a Dinosaur design on the cover. With a flexi cover and thick lined pages, this notebook is ideal for jotting down notes, lists and much more whether at home, work or school. Product Information: • Notebook • Design: Dinosaur • Size: A5 • Flexi  
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Most Popular Dinosaurs from Oldrids

Sophie Allport Dinosaurs Childrens Melamine Beaker
Sophie Allport Dinosaurs Childrens Melamine Beaker. This melamine cup is perfect for outdoor summer picnics and children at home. The sage blue Dinosaur design features the Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, flying Pterodactyls and the famous T-Rex! Top diameter: 7.5cm / Base diameter: 4.4cm  140ml capacity  100% melamine  Dishwasher s ...
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Sophie Allport Dinosaurs Childrens Melamine Divider Plate
Sophie Allport Dinosaurs Childrens Melamine Divider Plate. A practical melmaine divider plate to make children's meal times fun! There are four separate sections featuring the Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, flying Pterodactyls and the famous T-Rex!. A great gift for little Dinosaur lovers.  Dimensions: 21cm x 27cm x 1.5cm  100% melami ...
11.00 GBP    
Sophie Allport Dinosaurs Mug
Sophie Allport Dinosaurs Mug. The sage blue Dinosaur design features the Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, flying Pterodactyls and the famous T-Rex! Any dinosaur fan will love this stylish white fine bone china mug. Fine bone china Comes in a smart gift box Dishwasher and microwave safe 8.3cm high (standard)  275ml capacity (standard) ...
12.00 GBP    
Sophie Allport Dinosaurs Childrens Melamine Dining Set
Sophie Allport Dinosaurs Childrens Melamine dining Set. Part of Sophie Allport's Dinosaurs collection, this delightful melamine tea set will make mealtimes more fun! It features dinosaurs of all kinds in rows across each item. The seven piece set includes a plate, bowl, cup, child safe cutlery and an egg cup. It is presented in a matching gift box ...
28.00 GBP    
LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058
Shake the ground with this menacing T-Rex, featuring a dark-green and beige colour scheme and bright orange eyes. Open its mouth to reveal razor-sharp teeth, position the huge claws and move its head and tail. This set also includes the remains of the T-Rex's latest prey. Rebuild to create other Mighty Dinosaurs; a powerful Triceratops or a terrify ...
12.99 GBP    
Orchard Toys Big Dinosaur Puzzle
This colourful 50-piece puzzle depicts a wide array of dinosaurs in a lush, prehistoric setting. Children will love talking about the different dinosaurs they can spot, from a triceratops to a t-rex! Puzzle size 58 x 40cm approx 50 piece shaped puzzle Includes talkabout guide on the back of the box Suitable for ages 4+
11.50 GBP    
Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Puzzle
This extra thick wooden puzzle includes seven easy-grasp, chunky dinosaur pieces with a full-color, matching picture underneath. The dino pieces stand upright for pretend play. Encourages hand-eye, fine motor and creative expression skills. Suitable for ages 2 - 4 years Number of pieces - 7 Dimensions - 30.5 x 23.4 x 2.5 cm
8.99 GBP    

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