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Gooseberry Plant - Captivator
Red-fruited gooseberry with vigorous spreading habit. Sweet burgundy coloured berries with a great resistance to mildew. Supplied as a bare root plant.
12.99 GBP    
Gooseberry Plant - Lady Late
Very large and dark red in colour, the latest harvest of all Gooseberries with expected harvest from late July to early August. High yielding, aromatic and juicy in flavour. Upright and healthy habit. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.
9.99 GBP    
Gooseberry Plant - Lady Sun
Medium-sized fruit, yellow-green in colour with white markings. Has a delightfully crisp, juicy and sweet flavour. Early ripening from as early as July with an upright and healthy habit. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.
9.99 GBP    
Gooseberry Plant - Invicta
Lush green gooseberries from June to July, on compact plants which are ideal for small gardens. Delicious flavour - recommended for pies, jams, preserves and freezing. Resistant to mildew. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Supplied as 2-year-old bare root plants.
12.99 GBP    
Gooseberry Plant - Hinnonmaki Yellow
Famous for its fruit's delicious aroma and flavour (like a gooseberry, but with a hint of apricot!) this superb midseason gooseberry is very hardy and will produce a good crop of berries. Supplied as 2 year old plants.
12.99 GBP    
Cape Gooseberry Seeds
Exotic fruits for the greenhouse or sunny patio. Branching plants that can attain 180cm (6') in height, producing masses of fruits that are ready to harvest when calyces have changed from green to golden brown (if picked and left in husks they can be stored for months). The sweet fruits are delicious in jams, pies or eaten raw.
1.99 GBP    

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