Most Popular Incinerators from Dobies

Square Incinerator
This square incinerator is ideal for burning your wooden pruning and turning waste to ash! Made from galvanised steel, it has a sturdy construction and holes cut along all four sides of the product allow for an increase in airflow to speed up the burning process. Self assembly. 46cm wide x 55cm high.
27.99 GBP    

Most Popular Incinerators from Wickes

Galvanised Steel Compact Mini Incinerator - 13L
Safely burn garden waste with the Mini Incinerator. This 13L incinerator is perfect for burning small garden and household waste items as well as for destroying confidential documents. Manufactured from Galvanised Steel.
13.00 GBP    
Apollo Galvanised Steel Garden Incinerator - 80L
Robust galvanised steel incinerator for easy and effective disposal of garden and other waste
20.00 GBP    

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