Most Popular Potatoes from Crocus

Potato planter bags 3 pack
The Patio Planters are easy to use and reusable.

Most Popular Potatoes from KeenGardener

Potato Patio Planters (3 Pack)
Now anybody can grow delicious home-grown potatoes, whether or not they have a garden. The new Potato Patio Planters are designed specifically for use on patios and balconies, or in small gardens where there's no space for a vegetable patch. The Patio Planters are easy to use and reusable. Each holds about 40 litres of compost and is suitable for b ...
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Haxnicks Vigoroot Potato/Tomato Planter
The Vigoroot Planters are ideal for small gardens, patios and balconies or for simply growing herbs and vegetables within easy reach of the kitchen. They will give abundant crops that are easy to care for and easy to harvest. At the end of the growing season they can be folded away and stored for the following year. All the planters come with those ...
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Most Popular Potatoes from You Garden

Organic Potato Fertiliser - 1Kg pack
Organic Potato Fertiliser has been specifically formulated to provide your crop of potatoes with everything they need to produce a bountiful harvest. In particular it has been developed to promote the sustained healthy growth, making sure you get a good crop, whatever soil you have. Use at the time of planting at the application rate specified on ...
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Patio Potato refill kit - 3 x 6 tubers & 1Kg fertiliser
The perfect refill kit for filling your 30L black pots, or other growing pots and containers, back up with tasty spuds!This kit contains the ingredients you need to grow your own potatoes on your patio, terrace or even balcony all you need is a pot or container. Perfect with our 30L black pots with grab handles for easy transportation, just add com ...
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Sweet Potato Collection x 6 plugs
One of the most versatile vegetables, sweet potatoes have become exceedingly popular over the last decde thanks to their delicious flavour, ease of cooking and all the new and unique ways to create a storm in the kitchen - with a healthier twist on a normal white potato! With extra dietry fiber in a sweet potato compared to a norm ...
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Grow Your Own Patio Potato Kit - 3 varieties, pots & fertiliser
Each one of these special kits includes 3 x 30 Litre Heavy Duty Pots, 3 varieties of Turbo Tubers x 6 tubers of each PLUS 1kg Of Organic Potato Fertiliser. This special technique has been used by professional growers for years, but now you can do the same at home! Plant them in early summer and keep them growing through to early autumn and then ha ...
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Seed Potato 'King Edward' (Maincrop) - 2.5kg
King Edward is THE traditional favourite potato - perfect for your Christmas roast potatoes and a great all-rounder too. Mash it, bake it, chip it, roast it or boil it - serve Kind Edward any way you like and you'll simply love its delicious flavour. What's more, it is a consistent heavy cropper - you can grow your own potatoes and expect t ...
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Seed Potato 'Desiree' (Maincrop) - 2.5kg
One of the most popular potatoes we stock, Desiree is a brilliant potato for gardeners and now you too can grow your own! Simply delicious and highly versatile, creamy-yellow flesh contrasts well with the red skins. Desiree is a great all-round maincrop variety - make them into chips, roasties, jacket potatoes or simply boil them up and melt butter ...
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Premium Seed Potato Albert Bartlett Rooster 2kg
You'll no doubt have seen the famously delicious Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes on TV and in your local supermarket - and now you can grow your own! Rooster is an award-winning, super-tasty potato variety which is loved by everyone from professional chefs to mums with hungry kids - its excellent flavour and texture make it a great all-round ...
7.99 GBP    
Seed Potato 'Swift' (First early) - 2.5kg
Swift is one of the quickest growing, fastest to mature varieties of new potato, so you can pick them in under 8 weeks from planting! Grow your own and you won't be disappointed - they just taste so much better when freshly dug, washed and eaten within hours! A heavy yielder of good sized tubers - the flavour of which is magnificent - Swift is ...
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Sweet Potato kit - 2 x 30L pots & 6 plants
This is the perfect way to grow your own Sweet Potatoes at home - no back-breaking digging required! One of the most versatile vegetables, sweet potatoes have become exceedingly popular over the last decade thanks to their delicious flavour, ease of cooking and all the new and unique ways to create a storm in the kitchen - with a healthier twist o ...
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Pack of 10 Traditional Hessian Potato Sacks
Store your produce in perfect condition once harvested, with these brilliant Traditional Hessian Sacks! Ideal for keeping apples and pears, picked fresh from your orchard collection or yummy potatoes from your patio kit, as well as many other uses around the garden, they are perfect for keeping produce cool, dry and out of harm's way. ...
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Seed Potato Albert Bartlett "Apache" 2Kg
This stunning new variety has only just been released more widely onto the market, following it's launch in supermarkets. It's appearance of red tubers, randomly blotched with cream, belies it's amazing soft, nutty almost sweet taste, from it's small, but high yielding tubers. Perfect baked whole to brighten all roasts, something re ...
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Premium Seed Potato 'Albert Bartlett Anya' (Salad) - 2kg
Anya is a scrumptious salad potato from the Albert Bartlett range. Top-chefs love it for its simply wonderful flavour. It is perfect for salads on a warm summer's evening - simply boil your potatoes up and add a knob of butter and some freshly chopped chives - yummy! So good, it has won awards - Albert Bartlett Anya is very easy to grow and is ...
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Premium Seed Potato 'Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty' 2kg
Add a real WOW factor to your cooking with Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty! This unique potato variety has a stunning deep-purple colour which is retained even when you cook it - imagine your kids' faces when you serve up purple mashed potatoes! Not only that, this extra-special variety is packed full of antioxidants - just like other superfoods ...
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Seed Potato 'Charlotte' (Salad) - 2.5kg
Probably the "Number 1" new potato variety grown in UK gardens, it's not hard to see why Charlotte is so popular. It produces great yields of delicious, medium-sized tubers that are perfect in potato salads, hot or cold, or as boiled new potatoes dripping in melted butter - scrumptious! Very easy to grow - either in patio pots and pla ...
5.99 GBP    
Seed Potato Albert Bartlett "Elfe" 2Kg
.A delicious new early maincrop potato with a golden appearance and a sensational taste. Elfe will give you a heavy crop of large smooth skinned potatoes that keep well. They are perfect for boiling, mashing and baking - do this and you'll discover the flavour wich is silky and sweet - so good that you'll think the butter has already been ...
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