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Sewing Luna Lapin's Friends
Learn to make Luna Lapin's friends and their exquisite wardrobes! This collection of sewing patterns features four of Luna's best friends and their clothes including Reynard the Fox, Clementine the Cat, Freddie the Badger and Wilhelmina the Wood Mouse! Product Information: • ISBN: 9781446307014 • Author: Sarah Peel • Publisher: ...
5.00 GBP    
Rainbocorns Sewing Creations Assorted
Make your Rainbocorn even more fun with the accessories that you get with this Rainbocorns character design egg.  Stitch the accessories on the character you get in the Rainbocorns character design egg to make it completely unique.  The surprise egg includes one of 6 collectable characters and sewing materials to unleash your creativity.  ...
7.00 GBP    
Mini Sewing Kit In Bag
This Mini Sewing Kit has all the essentials you need to get your next sewing project started! Includes: • 12 x thread • 1 x scissors • 1 x measuring tape • 1 x thimble • 1 x seam ripper • 1 x dressmaker pencil • 1 x pin cushion • 40 x pins  • 1 x pack of hand needles • 1 x pack of snap fasteners • 1 x sewing bag ...
3.00 GBP    
Sewing Kit In Reusable Box
This sewing kit is the perfect way to store your sewing essentials compactly.  Perfect if you're crafting on the move, this sewing kit comes in a clear, reusable box, ensuring you can keep your sewing tools close to hand! Product Information: • Sewing kit • Comes in reusable box • Stores sewing essentials  
3.00 GBP    

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