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IHEALTH PT-3 Infrared Thermometer
Get precise temperature measurements in only one second with the iHealth PT-3 Infrared Thermometer.Simply aim the no-touch thermometer at the patient's forehead, press the button and get the results within a second. The gentle vibration will tell you when the temperature has been read.The non-invasive design of the PT-3 means it's perfect for use w ...
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KITCHEN CRAFT Fridge & Freezer Thermometer
Quickly check the temperature of your appliances with the Kitchen Craft Fridge & Freezer Thermometer.This stainless steel Thermometer can be placed inside your fridge or freezer with the option of hanging or freestanding.Measuring temperatures from -30ºC to +30ºC (-20ºF - +80ºF) this Thermometer features easy-to-read colour coded temperature zo ...
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SALTER Heston Blumenthal 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Thermometer
Cook your meat to perfection with the Salter Heston Blumenthal 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Thermometer which features pre-programmed temperatures for optimum results.This Digital Thermometer comes pre-programmed with Heston's recommended meat, deep frying oil and confectionery temperatures, helping you get the best results when roasting, grilling, deep ...
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Most Popular Thermometers from Suttons

Digital Max-Min Thermometer
This stylish thermometer features a large LED display that simultaneously displays the actual as well as the max and min temperatures. It measures temperature over the range of -20 to 69.9 °C with a 0.1°C resolution. The unit is housed in a case measuring 79 x 182 x 29mm (3 x 7¼ x 1¼) which incorporates a slot for hanging. Powered by a single A ...

Most Popular Thermometers from Thompson & Morgan

Digital Max-Min Thermometer

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