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IHEALTH PT-3 Infrared Thermometer
Get precise temperature measurements in only one second with the iHealth PT-3 Infrared Thermometer.Simply aim the no-touch thermometer at the patient's forehead, press the button and get the results within a second. The gentle vibration will tell you when the temperature has been read.The non-invasive design of the PT-3 means it's perfect for use w ...
69.99 GBP    
KITCHEN CRAFT Fridge & Freezer Thermometer
Quickly check the temperature of your appliances with the Kitchen Craft Fridge & Freezer Thermometer.This stainless steel Thermometer can be placed inside your fridge or freezer with the option of hanging or freestanding.Measuring temperatures from -30ºC to +30ºC (-20ºF - +80ºF) this Thermometer features easy-to-read colour coded temperature zo ...
3.99 GBP    
SALTER Heston Blumenthal 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Thermometer
Cook your meat to perfection with the Salter Heston Blumenthal 5-in-1 Digital Kitchen Thermometer which features pre-programmed temperatures for optimum results.This Digital Thermometer comes pre-programmed with Heston's recommended meat, deep frying oil and confectionery temperatures, helping you get the best results when roasting, grilling, deep ...
46.99 GBP    

Most Popular Thermometers from Suttons

Digital Max-Min Thermometer
This stylish thermometer features a large LED display that simultaneously displays the actual as well as the max and min temperatures. It measures temperature over the range of -20 to 69.9 °C with a 0.1°C resolution. The unit is housed in a case measuring 79 x 182 x 29mm (3 x 7¼ x 1¼) which incorporates a slot for hanging. Powered by a single A ...

Most Popular Thermometers from Thompson & Morgan

Digital Max-Min Thermometer

14.99 GBP    

Most Popular Thermometers from KeenGardener

Fallen Fruits Wall Thermometer (Small)
Small thermometer on classic white plate. Comes in a gift box.Dimensions 8.1 x1.6 x 45.2 cm
9.25 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Cast Iron Frog Thermometer
Cast iron theremometer in the shape of a frog, can be attached to the wall.Dimensions 12 x 1.6 x 23.5 cm
7.43 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Key Thermometer
Cast iron thermometer in the shape of a key.Dimensions 8.7 x 1 x 22.3 cm
4.83 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Stag Thermometer
With this rustic cast iron wall piece game will come to your house or garden in a decorative deer head thermometer, and displays the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. This cast iron object has been hand cast according to age-old tradition and craftsmanship. Scale in Celsius and Fahrenheit. two mounting holesDimensions 9.4 x 4.5 x 22 cm
7.49 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Cast Iron Window Frame Thermometer
With this window frame thermometer you can measure the inside and outside temperature. The thermometer is fastened to the windowsill and can be turned allowing the temperature to be displayed between -30 C and +50  Celsius (-22 F and +122 Fahrenheit) can be read from every desired position. Scale in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, rotatable.Dimension ...
19.25 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Copper Plated Thermometer
Dimensions 6.7 x 1.3 x 30 cm
7.87 GBP    
Napoleon Fast Read Thermometer with LED Display
Relax while cooking all your meats on the grill. The Fast Read Digital Thermometer will let you know when the meat is done. Simply push the steel rod into the center of your meat or fish, the LED display will show the temperature within 4 to 5 seconds in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The compact design conceals probe for safe and convenient storage ...
28.49 GBP    
Outdoor Chef Replacement Thermometer
Replacement thermometer for almost every Outdoor Chef BBQ
17.10 GBP    
Smart Garden Exeter Wall Clock & Thermometer 15"-Cream
Product infoRoman numbers and skip hand movementOutdoor/ Indoor useWeather resistantPlastic and glass constructionIncludes hygrometer and thermometerRequires 1 x 1.5v AA battery (not included)Diameter : 15 inches
22.37 GBP    
Smart Garden Double Sided Marylebone Station Clock & Thermometer 8 inch
Roman numbers and skip hand movementQuartz accuracyWall mounted for a vintage feelDouble-sided clock & thermometerPlastic and glass constructionFor both indoor and outdoor useRequires 1 x 1.5v AA battery (not included)32.5 x 35 cm
22.37 GBP    
Smart Garden Stonegate Wall Clock & Thermometer 14"Slate Effect
Description:Roman numerals and skip hand movementQuartz accuracyWeather resistant hand-painted polyresinCentigrade & Fahrenheit readingDiameter: 14 inchesFor both indoor and outdoor useRequires 1 x1.5v AA battery
24.99 GBP    
Bermuda Floating Pond Thermometer
This great value floating pond thermometer allows you to easily monitor the water temperature of your pond effectively. This is important as ambient temperatures often vary throughout the year, which can affect the health of fish or biological filter activity.
2.40 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Slate Thermometer
This trendy classic slate thermometer looks marvellous on any garden wall.
13.18 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Clock & Thermometer on Hanging Bracket
This beautiful double faced outdoor clock also tells the termperature. Looks fabulous on a garden wall.
37.05 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Wall Clock & Thermometer
Rustic outdoor clock with temperature gauge. Can be used inside or outdoors.
25.18 GBP    
Cadac Magnetic Digital Thermometer
Instant easy read digital thermometer that allows you to check the internal temperature of your food being cooked.
9.00 GBP    
Cadac I-Braai Bluetooth Digital Thermometer
Grill the perfect steak with this magnetic, digital meat thermometer with LED display. With grilling temperature curve view and bluetooth. Compatible with iOS & Android devices.
36.00 GBP    
Dancook Digital Thermometer
Cook meat right every time with this quick response digital thermometer.
36.00 GBP    
Char-Broil Digital Thermometer
Get your meat right every time with this quick response digital thermometer.
19.99 GBP    
Landmann Wireless Digital BBQ Thermometer
Radio display module & sensor with transmitterMeasures core temperature, adjustable temperature target Automatic alert when desired cooking level is reached Stopwatch & timer, battery powered (4 x AAA not included) Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 2.5cm
28.04 GBP    
Landmann Selection Digital Thermometer
2 temperature probe fittingsPre-programmed and adjustable temperature settings for various meat typesIOS & Android app available for real-time temperature controlMagnetic backing to fix on the front or side of the barbecueCord wrapper with integrated fold-out stand2 x AA batteries not included
59.49 GBP    
Landmann Grill Chef Digital Thermometer
Handy digital thermometer to monitor the donenessTemperature display in Celsius and FahrenheitBattery-powered (1.5V)Battery is not included
21.24 GBP    
Napoleon Pocket Thermometer with Plastic Holder
Napoleon Pocket Thermometer with Plastic Holder.
2.88 GBP    
Napoleon Digital Thermometer
Napoleon Digital Thermometer.
18.00 GBP    
Napoleon PRO Series Wireless Digital Thermometer
Go anywhere and relax while cooking all your meats on the grill. The Napoleon Wireless Digital Thermometer will let you know when the meat is done. Includes rust proof stainless steel temperature PROBE. This wireless thermometer will display accurate readings from 200 feet away, in English, Spanish French or German.
40.00 GBP    
Napoleon Bluetooth Thermometer
Make grilling the perfect steak or roast even easier with Napoleons ACCU-PROBE Bluetooth Thermometer. Use the LCD display to monitor the temperature of up to four separate probes. This Bluetooth enabled device will alert your phone when the food has reached the perfect temperature. The magnetic base means that this BBQ thermometer stays where you p ...
80.00 GBP    
Outback BBQ Meat Thermometer
Handy meat thermometer to check on cooking temperatures
8.99 GBP    
Barbecook Digital Thermometer
Barbecook digital probe thermometer.
25.50 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Slate Text Thermometer
This trendy classic slate thermometer looks marvellous on any garden wall. With 'THERMOMETER' text written down the side.
10.67 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Thermometer 30cms (zinc)
Old zinc thermometer for inside and outside use. It can easily hung as it comes with a skrew hole. (screws not included)
6.29 GBP    
Fallen Fruits Thermometer 50cms (zinc)
Large old zinc thermometer for inside and outside use. It can easily hung as it comes with a skrew hole. (screws not included)
11.28 GBP    

Most Popular Thermometers from Oldrids

Glass Thermometer
Designed for accurately reading high temperatures needed for jams, sugars and when deep frying, this classic cooks thermometer is a must have kitchen accessory for any keen cook. With an item for every culinary occasion, Kitchen Craft covers all bases to ensure you're never left short-handed when cooking or decorating in the kitchen.
5.00 GBP    
Cooks Thermometer & Timer
Leave nothing to chance and remove any doubt about whether meat is cooked thoroughly with this cooks timer and thermometer combination. With a stainless steel tapered probe precise cooking of beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey is made easy. Simply select the meat type and taste setting to allow you to automatically programme the ideal cooking te ...
25.00 GBP    
Char-Broil Digital Thermometer
Get your meat right every time with this quick response digital thermometer. Dimensions: H 25 x L 1.5 x W 3cm Foldable design - for easy storage and different angle measurements. Auto or manual on / off function. LCD - Easy-to-read liquid crystal display
21.99 GBP    
Taylor Pro Led Display Thermometer
Home made burgers, marinated fish fillets or an entire roasted chicken...Make sure your food is cooked right the way through and ready to serve, with the Taylor Pro LED food thermometer probe. Its super bright LED display makes it easy to read temperatures. Even in the most dimly lit kitchen or cooking environments you'll be able to read from this ...
20.00 GBP    
Taylor Pro High Temperature Digital Thermometer
Make sure your food is properly cooked and safe for serving. Simply insert the Taylor Pro digital food probe into the centre of your meat, fish or poultry. It'll instantly provide you with an accurate reading of its core temperature. This makes it easy to determine whether it's evenly cooked, right the way through, or whether it needs a couple mor ...
10.00 GBP    
Tildenet Wall Thermometer - Wood
205mm wood wall thermometer.
5.29 GBP    
Tildenet Wall Thermometer - White
215mm plastic wall thermometer.
5.99 GBP    
Ooni Infrared Thermometer
Know exactly when your pizza stone is ready to cook the perfect base. The Ooni Infrared Thermometer with laser pointer will allow you to measure the surface temperature of your Ooni within seconds. Key Features For the most accurate reading, simply aim the laser guide to the middle of your pizza stone and the reading will appear on the display sc ...
34.99 GBP    
Bermuda Floating Thermometer
A must for all pond keepers! Bermuda Floating Pond thermometer is a vital tool for monitoring the health of any pond. Key Features Easily monitor water temperature Measures Celsius and Fahrenheit Floating pond thermometer Handle for ease of use
6.99 GBP    

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